If you look at the dictionary, two words are synonymous with warrior: bravery and courage. We believe these perfectly describe the modern day mom. Nicole Lee, founder of Warrior Moms®, shared with us the qualities she sees in single moms today and how she is recognizing the hardest working moms in Cincinnati. 

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Nicole Lee. I’m a loving mother of 3 – ages 15, 17 and 23 – an author, entrepreneur, licensed managing cosmetologist, instructor and successful experienced business owner with advanced knowledge of universal law. As a business consultant, I offer business success strategies, personal growth and spiritual tools for enhancing one’s life towards bliss.


Why did you start Warrior Moms®

Opportunity and availability! During my time volunteering with Santa Maria Community Services, I was introduced to People’s Liberty, a philanthropic lab in Cincinnati.  I heard it ring so loud, I had to find out what People’s Liberty was all about.

In my 1st interview, People’s Liberty CEO Eric Avner advised me on ideas I had to improve the city. As I shared with him my background, he held his head and said, “I don’t know how you single mothers do what you do.” At that moment, the puzzle began to piece together for me; I should create a project where my craft and gift combines with what I’m passionate about – motherhood and beauty.

In my 2nd interview, People’s Liberty staff member Aurore Fournier gave my project its name: Warrior Moms®. With this in place, my idea began to blossom even more:

What if I could provide a way to celebrate single moms and enlighten them with tools to assist in living a better life, while offering them the gift of beauty?

I was one of eight applicants awarded a project grant through People’s Liberty to do just that, and Warrior Moms® was born. I am a single mother, who knows firsthand the challenges and victories that single mothers face. This represents the driving motivation behind Warrior Moms®.

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What makes a Warrior Mom®?

Her beauty – Unconditional love develops compassion, which allows a Warrior to serve people in need of assistance to achieve higher expectations of self and extend that love to humanity.

Her power – Having the gift of discernment allows her to be able to sense a shift in energy in any given atmosphere and has the power to change the vibration of the atmosphere to a positive one.

Her strength – One who embraces sacrifice of comfort and convenience in order to make sure her children have everything they need.


How are you celebrating single moms in Cincinnati?

This spring, Warrior Moms® is holding a contest to pamper three women in Cincinnati. Single moms living in Avondale, North College Hill and Price Hill are encouraged to apply for the chance at a complete makeover and to be crowned as the “Icon” of their community. Winners will be announced at our celebration event Saturday, April 8.

Warrior Moms® is also hosting an all-day retreat and workshop for single moms, which will include yoga, guided meditation, vision-boarding and more. All women who apply for our “Icon” contest are invited.


What’s one thing you’d like Warrior Moms® in Cincinnati to know?

The Warrior Moms® project is founded on the premise that single mothers are unrecognized warriors who deserve to be celebrated for their strength. Warrior Moms® will awaken the warrior spirit from within so that single mothers may continue their work of raising our future leaders, eliminate the pride from within so that they may be open to receive help, and to remind them of their power as mother:

Mothers have the power to feed into their children’s expanded powers that dwells within their Spirit.

Mothers have the power to pour into her children when their spirit needs light.

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For more information on Warrior Moms®, visit WarriorMomsCincy.com or follow Warrior Moms on Facebook.