Calling all Cincinnatians (and even those outside city limits)! Help us give our babies a fighting chance. We’re looking for volunteers who can help us build vibrant neighborhoods, promote healthy behaviors and create a culture in which each and every mom feels supported. Up for the task? Check out our latest volunteer opportunities below, then sign up to volunteer here.

Mason Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, March 26, 2016 8am-12pm

Description: This annual event brings together hundreds of families and is the perfect platform to discuss infant safe sleep practices with the community. Volunteers will have the opportunity to educate parents about infant safe sleep through fun, interactive games and host an educational children’s activity.

Volunteer Needs: Two volunteers are needed to host an infant safe sleep table and children’s booth. They will be responsible for answering parents’ questions, passing out stickers to children, and facilitating a children’s activity (To be determined). Cradle 101 training required.

Cheviot Elementary Health Fair – Thursday, April 14, 2016 4pm-7pm

Description: Cheviot Elementary is a Cincinnati Public School with approximately 500 students. The student population is very diverse, but most of the students come from impoverished families. Last year, approximately 200 individuals attended their health fair, which encourages healthy life choices for Cheviot Elementary children and their families in every aspect of their lives.

Volunteer Needs: Two volunteers are needed to host an informational kid’s booth with an activity wheel and stickers. Volunteers will also pass out flyers to parents and provide basic safe sleep, smoking cessation and birth spacing education. Cradle 101 training required.

Cradle Cincinnati supports Black Girls RUN! at the Flying Pig Marathon

Description: Cradle Cincinnati is supporting the local chapter of Black Girls RUN! by partnering to promote healthy living and active lifestyles for black women in Cincinnati. Healthy and active lifestyles are the foundation to happy, healthy pregnancies, making this event a “must” for Cradle Cincinnati. Volunteers will be needed as Course Monitors and to hand out water to runners.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 6am -10:30am 

Volunteer Needs: 15 volunteers are needed to serve as Course Monitors for the Flying Pig Marathon. Course Monitors will direct runners to the next intersections, fluid stations, and restrooms.  They must be alert, visible, and encouraging to keep runners safe and supported as they pass through the monitor’s assigned intersection. Upon arrival, instructions will be given by the Flying Pig zone captain. Each volunteer will be given a free t-shirt to wear on the day of the event.

Sunday, May 1st 6am-9am 

Volunteer Needs: 15 volunteers are needed at a fluid station to pass out water or Gatorade cups to runners at the specified location. Volunteers will be expected to be assertive, encouraging, and ready to function in a fast-paced environment. After the final runners have passed, volunteers will help to clean up water cups and debris from the course. Each volunteer will be given a free t-shirt to wear on the day of the event.