Why Cradle Cincinnati?

Too many babies die before their first birthday every year in Hamilton County. We rank among the  bottom 10% of counties across the nation for infant mortality.

With your help we’re here to change that.
Our vision is that every child born in Hamilton County lives to see their first birthday.

Need a primer on infant mortality? Cincinnati Magazine provides a look into the issues and players in our community.

Cradle Cincinnati 101

We believe that these numbers can change. And they will if, collectively, we invest in
changing three things about our community:

preventing prematurity by
increasing the amount of
time between each
woman’s pregnancies

reducing tobacco use and
other substance abuse in pregnancy

promoting safe sleep for babies

Our Philosophy

No one organization can tackle the issue of infant mortality. Rather, we need partners throughout Hamilton County to come together under a common goal – helping our babies live to their first birthday – and common objectives. This is collective impact.

Making Cincinnati moms feel loved


If we want to improve medical care for moms, we must make them feel welcomed in our health centers. That’s why we’re teaming up with local businesses to make over 23 community health centers across Hamilton County. You can read about the Winton Hills Health Center transformation here.

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