As we launch our smoking cessation campaign, we want to highlight the committed moms and staff at one of our partner prenatal health centers – Bethesda North OB/GYN Center. Here we have found some amazing folks who are a making a difference in the lives of babies born in Hamilton County.We hope this interview will give you inspiration to quit yourself or to encourage a mom you know to quit.

What drives a mom to make a dramatic cut from 20 cigarettes a day to just two? Meet Lillian, a mom of four, who did just this.

Why did you decide to quit?

“I’m doing it for my baby. I had quit, but picked it back up when my mom had medical issues. I tried to quit a couple of times before.”

You mentioned you’ve quit or cut back before. What made the difference this time?

“One helpful thing was the phone lady.” Lillian is referring to the Ohio Quit Line*, a free phone-based service that provides tobacco cessation plans, support and advice from a Quit Specialist. Ohio Quit Line callers are five times more likely to succeed than those who try to quit on their own, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

“I got a really nice counselor over the phone. She would spend about 15 minutes with me every week. She gave me hope and always encouraged me to keep working and call her if I felt like I was going to slip up.’”

Anything else that helps keep you on-track?

“Yes, family encouragement. My mom used to smoke and now has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. She always says ‘you don’t want to end up like me.’ My Dad passed away from emphysema. I started at 16 and have been smoking for seven years.”

How do you curb cravings?.

“I substitute with hard candy or occupy my time with something else.”

What about quitting makes you feel most proud?

“Knowing that by cutting back, and hopefully someday quitting, my baby has a better life ahead than I or my family of smokers did.

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*For more information, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit