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The reason that so many babies are dying in our community is complex, but something that is at the root of the problem is that many women in our community feel alone and frightened during pregnancy.

The majority of our infants who die are born to single moms who report that they don’t have the social or emotional support that they need. Women in our most vulnerable neighborhoods tell us that pregnancy too often feels like a time of constant judgment. Imagine instead, if it felt like a time of unconditional support from their entire city.

You’re invited to write a letter of encouragement to a currently pregnant woman in our city. We’ll collect the letters and hand-deliver them to women during their prenatal doctor appointments.

Here’s what you need to know:

1  Your letter can be short or long as long as it’s from the heart.

Encouragement is the key word here. These women don’t need long lists of advice. They simply need  to know that somewhere in Cincinnati, someone is rooting for them.

3  Remember that many of the women receiving these notes live in poverty, many did not intend to get  pregnant and many have very difficult lives. Remember, also, that none of that keeps them from being great moms.

4  If you’re a mom yourself, feel free to share personal experiences with pregnancy. Did you overcome postpartum depression? Are you a single mom? Did you have a premature baby? Sharing a personal story of strength is a great way to inspire someone else.

5  These letters aren’t just for first time moms: we believe all pregnant women could use a little love.

6  Sign your letter with just your first name. Recipients of the letters won’t know anything else about you.



Email us your letter here.
We’ll print it on stationary
and get it to mom.



Mail a hand written
note to us at:
Letters of Love
Cradle Cincinnati
c/o Ryan Adcock
3333 Burnet Ave, MLC 7009
Cincinnati, OH 45229

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