Serving moms in Cincinnati’s West Side

Cradle Cincinnati Connections is dedicated to helping families thrive in Cincinnati. We connect moms-to-be with the services they need,
filling system gaps that families in West Side communities fall through all too often.

We work with women who are pregnant and families with children under the age of two AND live in the zip codes
45204 (Lower Price Hill), 45205 (East Price Hill), 45214 (South Fairmont and the West End), or 45225 (North Fairmont and Camp Washington).

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We also serve as a resource for healthcare and social service professionals who need assistance connecting their clients
to external services. Our team accepts referrals, assesses a patient’s needs, and connects them to those organizations that best fit their needs.

We can help with

Breastfeeding support • Safe sleep education • Depression screenings • Support and guidance with reproductive life planning • Smoking cessation information • Nutritional counseling

Let us connect you to

Access to supplies (cribs, diapers, breastfeeding pumps) • Secure housing information • Assistance with finding a medical home Family/partner involvement support • Intimate partner violence programs • Moving Beyond Depression

Cradle Cincinnati Connections’ services are not limited to what is listed above. Contact a member of the team to see other ways we can assist families in Cincinnati’s West Side communities.

Amy Clasgens, BSN, RN
Outreach Coordinator
(513) 818-7301

Lindsey Cencula
Program Director
(513) 818-7300

Marilyn Dew, CHW, LPN
Community Health Worker
(513) 818-7297

Melissa Niekamp, LSW, MSW
Social Worker
(513) 818-7299

Ebony Peak, LSW, MSW
Social Worker
(513) 646-0560

Deborah Polk, CHW, CDA
Community Health Worker
(513) 484-4765

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