These Are Our People

Right here, right now, babies are in peril.

Somewhere in our city, there is a baby who needs your help. Maybe she’s in danger of being born a little early, or maybe
she’s not getting the right balance of nutrition babies need to grow. The good news is, mothers across the city are fiercely
determined to bring strong, healthy babies into this world. All they need is a little support.

This is your official invitation to help. You, personally. We need you. We honestly can’t do this without you. This is all of us,
drawing a line as clear as the Ohio River. Our babies are strong babies.

This isn’t your typical program. Because this isn’t your typical problem. Every chance you can give them helps everyone.
You. Me. And the babies in peril, who deserve a fighting chance.

Every baby, every day.

Help Now. You’ll be amazed the difference you can make.

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Mom’s Wishlist

What real Cincinnati moms tell us they want from their community.


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