Cincinnati Children’s opens new smoking cessation support clinic

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center recently opened their new smoking cessation clinic, led by Dr. Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, an emergency department physician. Individual counseling sessions and comprehensive quit plans will be available to assist anyone ready to take the next step in living a smoke-free life.

Our annual report shows that smoking at any point during […]

Mother of four quits smoking: her success story

Is quitting smoking a New Year’s Resolution for you or another mom you know? If so, we bring you Ashley, a mother of four, who has quit smoking and remained smoke free for 79* days. We hope her story will serve as inspiration for any mom on the journey towards a smoke free life.

For Ashley, […]

We should fund public health messaging as the same level tobacco companies fund their marketing campaigns by Todd Portune

Advertising works. It works in politics, it works when a local store promotes a big sale, and it also works when we focus on changing health behaviors through public health messaging.  For instance, study after study has shown that mass media campaigns aimed at reducing smoking rates are effective – but only when they […]

Kicking Butts, Cigarette Butts

It’s well known that smoking is bad for you – especially if you’re pregnant. Smoking affects not only a mother’s health, but also the health of her unborn child. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, maternal smoking is associated with preterm birth and infant low birth weight. Babies born to women […]

The positive effects of quitting smoking by Tim Ingram

Addiction is a powerful driver and nicotine addiction is one of the most insidious.  How else do we explain why only 18-25 percent of pregnant women care enough about their child to stop smoking?

While Hamilton County struggles with an unacceptably high rate of infant mortality, it’s high time we look outside the proverbial box […]