Breastfeeding and the 3 S’s

August is National Breastfeeding Month and August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week!  This year’s theme is “Breastfeeding and Work – Let’s Make it Work!”

What does supporting breastfeeding have to do with Cradle Cincinnati and infant mortality reduction?  Quite a lot, since babies who breastfeed have a 2-4 fold reduction in risk of developing many […]

Safe sleep mini-grants available

Mini-grants for safe sleep outreach are available from our friends at SID Network of Ohio. These grants are perfect for neighborhood and community groups looking to reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other sleep-related causes of infant death. Funds should be used for educational initiatives in the state of Ohio that […]

Addressing the embarrassingly high US infant mortality rate by Dr. Elaine Fitzgerald

The United States has an embarrassing problem. It has one of the worst infant mortality rates among industrialized countries. Nearly six out of every 1,000 babies born in the US in 2013 died before their first birthday. And, it gets worse. Babies born to black mothers in the US die at more than twice […]

Partnership is the key to reducing infant deaths

For years, one of the reasons for our elevated infant mortality rate in Hamilton County has been far too many babies dying from sleep-related causes. This most frequently looks like an adult falling asleep next to an infant and rolling over on the baby. Since 2007, it has happened an average of 16 times […]

Reducing sleep-related infant deaths by Senator Shannon Jones

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the leading cause of death among infants aged 1–12 months, and the third overall leading cause of infant mortality in the United States. The 2012 Ohio Child Fatality Review Report cites that there were 148 sleep-related deaths in 2010, […]

October is Safe Sleep for Babies Month

From 2010-2013, Hamilton County had 66 infant deaths related to unsafe sleep conditions. We can change this.  By working together as a community, we can promote, educate, and connect families to resources that will enable safe sleep practices.

Phenomenal work is already happening in our community, thanks to the efforts of partner agencies and organizations.
Kroger […]

Recent steps by the state of Ohio to end infant mortality by Senator Shannon Jones

In 2012, 1,045 Ohioans died unexpectedly before celebrating their first birthdays. That’s 1,045 children who will not have a first day of school, who will not learn to ride a bike, and who will not go to their high school prom. The number 1,045 runs through my head on a daily basis, acting as […]

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Our Charlie Paul by Sam and Maura Hanke

When my husband, Sam, and I found out we were pregnant with our first son we were over the moon.  We couldn’t wait to share our pregnancy news with friends and family, and excitedly prepared for his arrival.  We read all the baby books, had half a dozen showers and spent copious amounts of […]

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Keeping our babies safe from SIDS by Julie Bell

Each year, more than 4,000 infants die unexpectedly during sleep time, from SIDS, accidental suffocation, or unknown causes. Hamilton County has one of the highest rates of SIDS in the state of Ohio. African American babies are more than twice as likely to die of SIDS as Caucasian babies.

What is SIDS?

Sudden infant death syndrome […]

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