Why we care about infant mortality (and why you should, too)

Infant mortality is an issue that impacts all of us. Here are five reasons why you should help in this fight:

The lives we lose are irreplaceable.

In Hamilton County 508 of our babies died before their first birthday from 2011-2015. That’s 508 kids who won’t ever see a birthday, won’t ever start school, won’t grow […]

Ohio Department of Medicaid Joins Forces with Cradle Cincinnati to Combat Infant Mortality

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has awarded Cradle Cincinnati $2.1 million in funding over the next two years to organize new efforts to combat infant mortality in Hamilton County. The funding will be used to serve 1,000 new pregnant women with proven support strategies through 5 experienced agencies: Health Care Access Now, Healthy Moms […]

Hamilton County Infant Mortality Rate Stubbornly High, But Slowly Improving

Our county lost 99 babies before their first birthday in 2015. This means that our provisional 2015 infant mortality rate continues a multi-year trend of slowly improving, but stubbornly high rates. Since 2011, 9.3 Hamilton County babies have died for every 1,000 born. These recent years represent historic lows for Hamilton County with more than […]

What do Cincinnatians know about infant mortality?

At the end of 2015, Cradle Cincinnati partnered with the University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research to conduct a random digital dial phone survey of Hamilton County. Our goal was to assess Hamilton County’s knowledge of infant mortality with a specific focus on our three concentration areas: infant safe sleep, maternal smoking cessation, […]

Raising awareness on #WorldPrematurityDay

Did you know that November is Prematurity Awareness Month and November 17th is World Prematurity Day? Until recently, premature birth, which affects 15 million babies worldwide, was not recognized as a significant public health priority by international health agencies, governments or donor organizations.  The March of Dimes and their global program partners have been […]

2015 Champions for Change: Veree Russell

Every year, Cradle Cincinnati presents its Champions of Change awards to individuals in the community who are fighting for the health of our moms and babies. On September 23rd, Cradle Cincinnati Co-Chair and County Commissioner, Todd Portune, presented our 2015 Champions of Change awards to six diverse Cincinnatians. Our 2015 Champion for Better Care was Veree […]

Addressing the embarrassingly high US infant mortality rate by Dr. Elaine Fitzgerald

The United States has an embarrassing problem. It has one of the worst infant mortality rates among industrialized countries. Nearly six out of every 1,000 babies born in the US in 2013 died before their first birthday. And, it gets worse. Babies born to black mothers in the US die at more than twice […]

Little fingers and little toes worth celebrating: a nurse’s experience in the NICU

Jenetta Thomas has been with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center since 2006. She volunteered to share her special memories working as a nurse in the NICU. We bring you her experiences as a way to celebrate all the milestones the babies in our community achieve and acknowledge the hard work of all healthcare professionals […]

Local cost of preterm birth exceeds $400 million

Today we announced the results of an economic impact study on the local cost of preterm birth. With a total impact of over $400 million each year, costs include:

$93.6 million in initial hospital costs.
$13.1 million in additional K-12 educational costs.
$294.8 million in “lost” income for Hamilton County residents.

“We’ve long known that the medical costs of […]

The stories beneath the data: pregnancy spacing

At Cradle Cincinnati, improving data around pregnancy is absolutely central to our work. This is the fourth in a series of posts about how data can help drive healthy change for Hamilton County.

A Cradle Cincinnati analysis of 2007-2012 data for Hamilton County shows that:

A pregnancy conceived less than 12 months after a previous […]