A Queen’s Love is Stronger than Smoke

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be putting our “Forever a Queen, Always Smoke Free” campaign back on the market. Starting today, this important message will be on billboards and in grocery stores throughout Hamilton County for all of August.

Last year’s campaign was exciting with a threefold increase in calls from pregnant women in […]

Help Us Celebrate Those Caring for Our Moms and Babies

One thing is true of Cincinnati: we care about babies. Over the past year, we’ve seen champions throughout our city rally around our moms and babies in ways we could have only dreamed. Churches are hosting moms groups and sharing health messaging from the pulpit. Community groups are taking strides to improve the health of their neighbors and […]

Breastfeeding is Best Feeding: Getting to know BOOBS

Breastfeeding is the best feeding for infants early in life. I understood that to be true when I was pregnant with my first son over 10 years ago. Being pregnant with him, I could not be more excited about two things: having a healthy baby and breast-feeding him. Unfortunately my first pregnancy came with […]

Nicotine Exposure During Pregnancy Nearly Twice as High as Reported

More women in Hamilton County may be smoking and exposed to nicotine during pregnancy than previously thought, according to this new study by researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in collaboration with Cradle Cincinnati

The study found a significant gap between the number of local, pregnant mothers who report smoking during pregnancy and the […]

Why we care about infant mortality (and why you should, too)

Infant mortality is an issue that impacts all of us. Here are five reasons why you should help in this fight:

The lives we lose are irreplaceable.

In Hamilton County 508 of our babies died before their first birthday from 2011-2015. That’s 508 kids who won’t ever see a birthday, won’t ever start school, won’t grow […]

Ohio Department of Medicaid Joins Forces with Cradle Cincinnati to Combat Infant Mortality

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has awarded Cradle Cincinnati $2.1 million in funding over the next two years to organize new efforts to combat infant mortality in Hamilton County. The funding will be used to serve 1,000 new pregnant women with proven support strategies through 5 experienced agencies: Health Care Access Now, Healthy Moms […]

Cincinnati must promote infant safe sleep to every family by Dr. Sam Hanke

For years, Hamilton County has lost more babies before their first birthday than it should. Preterm birth, birth defects and unsafe sleep continue to be the three leading causes of infant death each year. Of these, sleep-related deaths are the most preventable and can be avoided by making simple changes in how your baby […]

Celebrating moms in Cincinnati with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

All moms deserve to be celebrated; however, many of our most vulnerable moms have never had a baby shower. Once we learned this, we knew we had to do something. In celebration of Mother’s Day, Cradle Cincinnati held a community baby shower in partnership with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Community Plan for the mothers of Crossroad […]

Closing Cincinnati’s diaper gap with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

Over a year ago I read an article about a diaper bank out West and thought to myself, “That’s great! But…why does a diaper bank even exist?” At the time, I didn’t realize that food stamps, WIC and Medicaid do not cover diapers. And the more I poked around, the more I understood the […]

Honoring Moms This Mother’s Day

Our moms may live in the Queen City, but unfortunately not all of these mothers will be given their much-deserved tiara this Mother’s Day. What better time to let our moms know that they are loved, supported and appreciated than on their special day? Here’s how you can help Cradle Cincinnati honor our moms […]