What does Skyline Chili have to do with quitting smoking? Read on to learn about Brittany, a soon-to-be first-time mom from Bethesda North OB/GYN Center who recently quit.

Brittany decided to quit at 10 weeks of pregnancy during her first prenatal appointment. “I started gagging after that and smoking tasted terrible,” she recounted. She tried quitting three times before and considers herself more of a social smoker. Using the support of each other, the father of their child and Brittany quit together – this time for good.

She quit “cold turkey” and says that it was helpful to have a completely smokefree house. Having strong determination and the support of her partner was incredibly helpful. Brittany does not want to use e-cigarettes, because she views them as too harsh. She still gets temptations every day, but tries to ignore them.  Willpower helps her overcome any challenges. However, she says, “I eat a lot of Skyline Chili to help with the cravings!”

She is very proud about quitting. “My baby will be healthy,and I’ll be healthy. Everyone around is proud of me, so that’s good motivation. Plus, I got my boyfriend to quit.” Brittany admits that one of the hardest parts of quitting is being around other smokers.