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Safe sleep initiatives in Hamilton County

Between 2007 and 2011, Hamilton County lost an average of 18 babies per year to unsafe sleep. This average dropped to 13 deaths per year, with a historic low of 7 deaths in 2014.

What spurred this change?

We believe that the efforts of partners all throughout Hamilton County led to this remarkable drop in deaths. Today, we’re […]

Spreading love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is next week – what better time to let moms know that they are loved, supported and appreciated? You can help us spread the love this holiday by writing a letter (or a few!) of encouragement to a new mom. These letters will be hand-delivered to women at their next prenatal appointment.

Your letters can be […]

Creating an environment of love: Northside Health Center’s transformation

Over the course of several months, Cradle Cincinnati partners came together to make Northside Health Center a sanctuary for families that need quality care. Northside Health Center, one of eight health centers run by the Cincinnati Health Department, provides health services to low-income families in Cincinnati. With this transformation, we wanted to create a more […]

Join our team

We’re looking to add a new member to our team in 2018.

If you have a passion for the health of women and babies in Cincinnati and thrive in challenging roles, we want you to join us as we fight for healthier families.

Full details are available here.

A community’s approach to smoking cessation

Smoking during pregnancy is the most modifiable risk factor for preterm birth. However, more than one in ten women report smoking during pregnancy in Hamilton County. And in some neighborhoods – such as North Fairmount – more than one in three pregnant women are smokers.

Quitting smoking is difficult and extremely hard to do alone […]

The impact of two tiny lives

Karen Lapthorn’s second pregnancy came with surprises (“You’re having twins!”), concern (“You need to see a specialist”), and fear (“Things are not going well”). Just 28 weeks into the pregnancy, she and her husband Kelly welcomed two tiny baby boys. Nathan arrived at just under three pounds and Charlie at a pound and a […]

Safe sleep during the holidays

This holiday season, we encourage all families to practice safe sleep. New sleeping environments and colder temperatures can increase a baby’s risk of sleep-related death. Babies sleep safest Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib.

When visiting relatives or friends this Christmas, we recommend traveling with a portable crib. Many homes lack safe sleeping spaces […]

Hamilton County recognizes October as “Safe Sleep for Babies Month”

October may be coming to a close, but we feel it’s never too late to declare it as “Safe Sleep for Babies Month.” And that’s exactly what happened at the Hamilton County Commissioners’ meeting last week. Hamilton County commissioners Todd Portune, Chris Monzel and Denise Driehaus publicly recognized the importance of infant safe sleep […]

October is Safe Sleep for Babies Month

Babies sleep safest Alone, on their Back and in a Crib. Following these recommendations can significantly reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS. These rules aren’t easy to follow, so we reached out to local parents to learn what worked for them:

“We struggled the first weeks of her life with Safe Sleep – we finally figured […]

Cincinnati: It’s time to help families quit smoking

Now is the time to double down on supporting pregnant women on their journey to quit smoking

Cincinnati, we need to get serious about eliminating smoking during pregnancy. This is not a new problem. And, tackling any addiction is a tough battle to fight. But, put simply, tobacco use during pregnancy is the most modifiable […]